本文摘要:Facebook Inc. is likely to get a bunch of new friends on Wall Street on Wednesday, when about two dozen analysts will be free to chime in publicly on its prospects.本周三,二十余名分析师将权利传达对Facebook Inc.公司前景的预期,Facebook很有可能因此更有到一些华尔街的新朋友。


Facebook Inc. is likely to get a bunch of new friends on Wall Street on Wednesday, when about two dozen analysts will be free to chime in publicly on its prospects.本周三,二十余名分析师将权利传达对Facebook Inc.公司前景的预期,Facebook很有可能因此更有到一些华尔街的新朋友。On Tuesday, a 40-day quiet period will conclude for analysts at banks that were underwriters of Facebooks initial public offering, including lead underwriters Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. The analysts are expected to publish their initial research early on Wednesday, people at the firms said.Facebook首次公开发表IPO(IPO)结算行分析师为期40天的静默期将于本周二完结。

这些结算行还包括摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)、摩根大通(J.P. Morgan Chase)和高盛集团(Goldman Sachs Group Inc.)。上述公司的人士说道,预计分析师将在周三上午发布他们的首份研究报告。Major Wall Street firms are barred for a period from putting out analyst reports on stocks they underwrite partly to keep a lid on hype that can surround hot IPOs. Other smaller banks involved in an IPO typically agree to adhere to the delay.华尔街的大型公司在一段相同期限内不得发布分析师对该公司结算股票的报告,部分原因是为了容许对热门IPO的抹黑。

其他参予IPO的小型银行一般也不会表示同意延期公布报告。When reports do come out, they can provide a booster shot for shares. The day the analyst reports from underwriters came out for LinkedIn Corp. last year, LinkedIn shares surged 12% as the Standard Poors 500-stock index rose 1.3%.AP本周三,二十余名分析师将权利传达对Facebook Inc.公司前景的预期,Facebook很有可能因此更有到一些华尔街的新朋友。而报告公布的时点往往不会沦为股价下跌的良机。

去年LinkedIn Corp.公司的承销商分析师公布报告那天,LinkedIn的股价上涨了12%,相比之下,标准普尔500指数(Standard Poors 500-stock index)则仅有下降了1.3%。For nearly 700 U.S.-listed company IPOs from 2006 to 2011, analysts initiating research after 40 days placed an average hold or buy rating on the stock, according to Ipreo Inc., a research from capital markets data and advisory firm. Of seven IPOs that had initial average analyst ratings of sell, the companies shares had rallied sharply after the IPO, which analysts said made the stocks overvalued, Ipreo said.资本市场数据研究机构、咨询公司Ipreo的数据表明,对于在2006到2011年间在美国上市的相似700家公司而言,分析师一般不会在40天的静默期完结后对股票得出“持有人”或“购入”的评级。Ipreo说道,有七家公司取得的分析师最初评级为“售出”,这些公司的股价在IPO之后很快走高,分析师指出这造成了股价被低估。Analysts not affiliated with the Facebook IPO have pointed to a series of developments since the social-networking companys market debut that could help support a positive outlook. In early June, Facebook announced it was expanding advertising opportunities on its mobile app, a move expected to boost revenue. Also this month, some big-name advertisers said they found value in Facebook advertising. Facebook also said it began placing messages from advertisers on game site Zynga Inc.没参予Facebook IPO的分析师早已认为了一系列在这家社交网络公司上市后经常出现的需要反对悲观前景的动向。

Facebook在6月初宣告,该公司正在减少移动应用程序的广告机会,预计此举将提高公司营收。一些著名公司也在本月回应,他们找到在Facebook上投入广告极具价值。Facebook也说道,早已开始将商家的广告投放到Zynga Inc.的游戏上。

Brian Nowak, an analyst at Nomura Securities Co., which wasnt a Facebook underwriter, published a note last week with a $40 target. There are signs that the company is improving its focus on monetization, including talking to ad agencies and working with advertisers, he said in an interview.野村证券(Nomura Securities Co.)的分析师诺瓦克(Brian Nowak)上周公布了一份报告,他在报告中预计Facebook的股价将下跌到40美元。他在拒绝接受专访时说,有迹象指出,Facebook正在减少对盈利方案的注目,还包括与广告公司的会晤,以及与广告商的合作。

野村证券不是Facebook IPO的承销商。Facebook shares are lower since their debut, making it easier for analysts to be bullish. In the first weeks after the May 18 offering, the stock declined as much as 32% from its offer price of $38, to around $26. But in the past few weeks, the stock has made up significant ground, possibly in anticipation of the research reports. On Monday, shares closed down 3%, or 99 cents, to $32.06.Facebook目前的股价早已高于发行价,分析师因而更容易作出悲观的估算。


Some market observers say underwriting bank analysts price targets on the stock likely will be at or above the offer price to give credence to banks and Facebooks decision to sell shares at $38.一些市场仔细观察人士说道,结算讫的分析师对这只股票的价格预测很有可能低于发行价,或与发行价持平,以指出银行和Facebook将发行价以定在38美元是合理的。The average price target for Facebook among analysts who have rated the stock thus far is $37.80, according to FactSet.据FactSet的数据,目前早已对股票作出评级的分析师对Facebook股价预期的平均值是37.。



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